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‘Prey’ Actress Talks to Salish School Students about Life, Career and Stories from Her Heart

On Friday (Feb. 9), award-winning Cree actress and activist Michelle Thrush spoke to students at Salish School of Spokane, giving them an insight into her life, how she got into acting, her culture and how she wants to tell stories from a place of honesty.

Native Game Designer from CDA Tribe Incorporates His Culture and Computer Skills into Art

Randall Schleufer, an artist and citizen of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, has not only been creating art that reflects his Indigenous heritage, but he’s also been designing video games since he was young.

Award-winning Indigenous filmmaker featured in Spokane film festival over weekend

One Heart Native Arts & Film Festival was held at Magic Lantern Theater Friday and Saturday night, presenting films made by Indigenous artists, including Sky Hopinka, a Ho-Chunk filmmaker who was recently named a MacArthur Fellow, and his feature film "małni – towards the ocean, towards the shore."

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