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Racial Understanding in Fits and Starts

Nearly 250 years after the founding, issues of race remain our dominant social and political narrative.

Chauvin Verdict: We Still Have A Long Way To Go

This is not justice. This is accountability. This is the bare minimum. This is the first step in a very long road to a system reform.

Accountability is Not Justice

Let us be clear: we, as a nation, desperately needed for a law enforcement officer to (finally) be held accountable when s'he engaged in the unjustified killing of a civilian. And we got that — today. But will we get it again tomorrow, and next week and next year?

Pandemic’s effects on religious life, liberty named No. 1 religion story of 2020

Though the year was fraught with civil unrest, scandals and politics, COVID-19 remained as pervasive in the 2020 Religion News Association Top 10 Religion Stories and Newsmaker of the Year Poll as it was in daily public life.

Somebody Can’t Breathe

Has anyone noticed how many impressions the universe has been sending forth, to the effect that somebody, somewhere cannot breathe?

I was Silent

It’s easy to watch the scene and blame others for not intervening, for not standing up for justice, but I realize I too am just as guilty for remaining silent.

“This Time It’s Different” — Pastor Hopeful About Impact of Protests

Stepping into the pulpit the Sunday after George Floyd was killed wasn’t easy for the Rev. Walter Kendricks.

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