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How Trumpism pushed a fringe charismatic theology into the mainstream

Discover the influence of the New Apostolic Reformation linking evangelical support for Donald Trump, Christian nationalism and extremism.

As Trump Hawks Bible, Debate Over ‘Christian America’ Spreads Outside Church

During the heyday of American churchgoing, some presidents sought to use religion to unite the country. In the age of Trump, it is one more thing to fight over.

Let’s Check Our Ageism at the Door When Voting for President

Ageism happens to young and old alike. Though it’s much bigger news when it involves the two presumptive presidential candidates.

New Survey Finds Pockets of Support for Christian Nationalism Across the Country

A Public Religion Research Institute Study found roughly 3 in 10 Americans express some sympathy for Christian nationalism, with its greatest popularity concentrated in the Southeast and Upper Midwest.

ANALYSIS: Did Colorado Supreme Court Make Right Decision to Keep Trump Off State’s Ballot?

The Colorado opinion and the dissent together are a fascinating 212 pages of jurisprudence on some questions that have rarely been analyzed: What is insurrection? Who gets to decide if it has occurred? Is an elected president an “officer” under the meaning of the 14th Amendment?

God Is not Our Retribution

Biblical retribution has its passionate believers and its harsh critics. I don’t plan to resolve those tensions here (or anywhere). But I do offer some biblical insights that may challenge the traditional prejudices about retribution.

The Parallel Story of My Alternate Worlds

When I migrated to America 15 years ago it was a different country to what it is today, and the same goes for my native country, Pakistan. I am now a U.S. citizen. However, I maintain a strong interest and concern in both countries’ social, political, educational and economic conditions.

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