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Grief and Loss Can Tie Us Up in Knots

I had this sense that I was participating in making the world into a place that was not shaped by Doug, that would continue without him. That I was undoing the evidence of his life. That undoing felt like betrayal. This has been a theme for me in grief and loss, the sense that moving or changing or getting rid of a loved one's possessions is transgressive.

My Contingency Plan for Death

This very well could be it—that when we died, it was over.

Ask A Latter-day Saint: Cremation

The Church does not normally encourage cremation.

Composting may offer the latest option in green burials

Having one’s body composted after death and turned into about 1 cubic foot of soil could soon be an option for Washington state residents.

2018: Reality, Grief, Hope

Let go of the old exploitive, unjust ways, repent and transform. And keep dancing with Shiva. Admit the joy to your pain, of the death of every instance and speaking poetically, every hope of rebirth.

What lies beyond aging

Thinking about death, a part of me awaits the love that will last forever.

“Dying: A Memoir” offers honest reflections on end of life

 In “Dying: a memoir,” she delivers a moving reflection on the end of life.

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