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Local Religious Groups Partake in Expo ‘74’s 50th Anniversary

Spokane is gearing up to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Expo '74 world's fair with a series of celebratory events kicking off Saturday. Many community organizations, including faith groups, are taking part in the festivities.

Jerusalem Cross Gardening: A Compass for Inner Transformation

The Jerusalem-cross-raised-bed with its four quadrants facing West, North, East and South — each representing one of nature's four seasons (fall, winter, spring and summer) and one of the four Christian Gospels (Matthew, Mark, John and Luke/Acts). These serve as a compass for a journey of inner transformation.

Caring for Our Mental Health Is Caring for God’s Creation

Mental health is a subject that faces a lot of stigma and shame in society. Addressing it and seeking support involves being vulnerable and open about what's going on in our minds, which is not easy to do. However, learning to care for our mental health is part of caring for God's Creation.

Hope for Creation Conference Will Highlight Spirituality of Environmental Stewardship

On April 22, scientists, tribal representatives, educators, clergy and community members will gather at St. John’s Cathedral for the Hope for Creation Conference.

Can We Hope in this Time of Climate Change?

I have had a number of conversations recently with people who have said that they are living in “existential angst” because of climate change. I have found those words striking. 

FāVS Forward: Rev. Roger Hudson “Express Love in New Ways”

On this episode of the FāVS Forward podcast Rev. Roger Hudson of Covenant United Methodist Church says it's time to re-think things in the Christian church, because sometimes, we get stuck in a rut.

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