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No hating aloud. Especially after you read my article

Maybe my red flags of concern are flying for no reason at all but it seems that in our efforts to be more loving, understanding and forgiving there must also be balance.

SpokaneFAVS adopts new comment policy

At SpokaneFAVS, part of our mission is to promote respectful dialogue surrounding issues of religion, spirituality and ethics in the Inland Northwest. Because these are sensitive subjects, they can be difficult to discuss and emotions can run high, obscuring the open communication necessary to further understanding.

Why cherry picking leads to mistakes

Recently in the SFAV’s web conversations there have been a number of comments posted, most using a peculiar and often rather flawed method of justification. I do not exempt myself from this criticism. I have seen in particular numerous references to sacred scriptures, usually the Christian Bible, and references to tradition; these are both calls to authority. However, there is very little use of scientific historical method, linguistics, or sociology and anthropology.

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