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God? Meaning of life? Many Americans don’t seek them in church

The “seekers” have left the church — if they ever came. LifeWay Research has taken a close look at what might draw them in, zeroing in on people who say they have not attended a religious service in the past six months except for special events or holidays.

The Church Is a Place for Healing

I am sorry that so many of us have deeply internalized the message that we mustn’t let anyone know when we are in a place of grief or disorientation or lostness. I am especially sorry when we feel that we cannot share these things at church, that the church is not a place in which we can be physically or emotionally or spiritually wounded, that we need to be whole and healthy before we show up in God’s house.

Who Is Answering the Call to Ministry?

The reality is that fewer young adults are going into ministry, and those who do choose an option other than as a parish minister

An Exclusive Christmas Eve

I attended the most disturbing Christmas Eve service that I have ever experienced, and it was, sadly, in the church where I am the pastor.

People still seek God, but not in buildings

What catches my attention is the fact that propel aren’t abandoning their belief in a higher power, just the brick-and-mortar institutions they grew up in.

Storm Damage?

Was your church or house of worship damaged in yesterday's storm? How can the community help? Post info with photos on our Facebook page,...

“We” the church

“We” is a powerful word that connotes a group of people unified in some manner.

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