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Ask an Evangelical: How do people deal with a crisis of faith?

Navigating a crisis of faith from "Ask an Evangelical": Explore how people can deal with doubts and find answers in times of uncertainty.

Bethany Presbyterian enters discernment process for new church building

Nearly six months after a fire that severely damaged Bethany Presbyterian Church’s sanctuary, congregants are coming together to discern what God has planned for their new building and their future identity as a church.

6 Ways The Church Can Respond to the D.C. Mob

What do you do after an experience of desecration such as this? What, in particular, do we do as church?

COVID: A lesson for churches on accessibility

My hope is that we can continue to make helpful, creative, and necessary changes to our churches because, presently, our worship services exclude many people. I am speaking of our siblings with developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities.

Ask An Atheist: Explaining without offending

But for those who could suffer backlash as a non-believer, you could answer in a way that is technically correct, something like, "I don't think I attend the church you do," smile, and change the subject to something less controversial, like politics.

This Thanksgiving, I Gave Thanks for the Church

What I mean by “the church” is the institutional church with all of its rules. Maybe that sounds odd.

Minister for a Day

I know what you are thinking, why invite someone from a different faith tradition to be a minister at your church for the day?

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