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Christians Protest Woodward’s Possible Censure by Spokane City Council

About 50 Christians stood in front of City Hall during Sept. 11’s City Council meeting to protest an upcoming resolution to censure Mayor Nadine Woodward for her participation three weeks ago at a Sean Feucht “Let Us Worship” rally where she prayed with controversial pastor Matt Shea.

Holy God, Have Mercy Upon Our Hard Hearts

There is an arrogance that goes along with hardness of heart, as well as being stubborn and unwilling to listen to others. Soft-hearted people are sometimes characterized as being mild-mannered and maybe even as pushovers, but those who are tender-hearted remember to make space for others, which is one way of respecting the dignity of other human beings.

Calvinist Activist Warns that White Nationalism Is Invading Reformed Churches

The anti-woke alliance of Calvinist Theobros and Christian nationalists hits the skids — as author Owen Strachan feuds online with Andrew Torba of Gab.

Letter to the Editor: Civic Leaders Must Reject Christian Nationalism and White Supremacy

As Faith Leaders and Leaders of Conscience of Eastern Washington and North Idaho, we are disturbed at the recent presence of Mayor Nadine Woodward at the “Let Us Worship” rally where she was on stage with Sean Feucht and Matt Shea.

Woodward Releases Vague Statement About Attending Christian Nationalist Worship Event

Spokane City Mayor Nadine Woodward made a statement Monday morning explaining her presence at Sunday night’s “Let Us Worship” event. She was invited onstage to be prayed for by former Washington State legislator turned pastor, Matt Shea, and self-identified Christian nationalist, Sean Feucht.

Reformed Christianity Has Nothing to Do with Ultra-Right-Wing Politics

Before long, I learned that not only were they not Christians, but that many of them were vehemently opposed to Christianity. After a while, I realized that many of these people based their views largely on reports of a certain megachurch and its derivative churches, purporting to embrace Reformed theology.

For Too Many Christians, the Lines between Dominionism, Nationalism and Fascism Are Blurred

Among Christians of all stripes, the lines between dominionism, nationalism and fascism are not only increasingly blurred — they are increasingly irrelevant. They all oppose the good news of freedom in Christ and Christ alone.

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