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Bethany Presbyterian enters discernment process for new church building

Nearly six months after a fire that severely damaged Bethany Presbyterian Church’s sanctuary, congregants are coming together to discern what God has planned for their new building and their future identity as a church.

FāVS Forward: Rev. Heather Tadlock “Holy Agitation”

In this episode of FāVS Forward we talk with Rev. Heather Tadlock of Bethany Presbyterian Church.

Bethany’s Paul Rodkey retires; joins the Peace Corps

After nearly 30 years as pastor, Rodkey, with his wife, Kerri, has decided to join the Peace Corps, tentatively placed in Botswana.

Ministry stopping in Spokane to discuss sexuality and religion

New Direction Ministries is road tripping across Canada and the west coast to discuss sexuality and religion. Their next stop: Spokane.

Bikers, “heretics” meet at church for summer rides

After Bethany Presbyterian Church service ends, the pastor grabs a pair of sunglasses and changes into a black Harley-Davidson t-shirt featuring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on motorcycles. Now he’s ready to ride.

VIDEO: Bethany Big Ass Biker Peacemaking Heretic Ride

<p> Bikers gather at Bethany Presbyterian Church for the Bethany Big Ass Biker Peacemaking Heretic Ride.</p>

Where We Worship: Bethany Presbyterian Church provides progressive Presbyterian perspective

“Cowards can never be moral” is the current message flashing across the digital sign outside of Bethany Presbyterian Church.

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