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Ask A Jew: Online Gathering Places?

There are many outlets online for Jews to find community.

Ask A Jew: Chanukah Greetings for Non-Jews

"Happy Chanukah," is a fine greeting and one commonly used among Jewish communities.

Ask A Jew: Misusing Sacred Jewish Words

I have a necklace with yhvh in Hebrew. I am not Jewish and I love God. Would I offend if I wore it?

Ask A Jew: Wearing the Star of David

Wearing a Star of David or any traditionally Jewish symbol when someone isn’t Jewish would be cultural appropriation and is best avoided.

Ask A Jew: Reform Judaism

What's a good resource to start learning about Reform Judaism?

Ask A Jew: Gatherings of 10

Traditionally, Jews pray three times a day which typically includes morning minyan services, however, the vast majority of prayers can be said alone. So during this time, many Jews are davening (praying) at home alone and skipping the prayers that require a minyan.

Ask A Jew: What is Humanistic Judaism?

Humanistic Judaism is a branch of Judaism that focuses on relationship to others rather than a belief in G-d.

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