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Ask A Jew: Why do Israelis support the current war against Hamas but American Jews do not?

Why do the overwhelming majority of Israelis support the current war against Hamas but it seems many American Jews do not?

Ask a Jew: Can Jews have tattoos?

As far as whether Jews in general are supposed to have tattoos… well, as with most questions I answer, there doesn’t seem to be a foundational policy that all Jews are expected to follow.

Ask a Jew: Are there any biblical texts that you clearly understand to be not for our time?

Interpreting Old Testament verses as “mandates for our modern lives” may not be for everyone, but it is clearly not outside the realm of possibility.

Ask a Jew: Do modern religious Jews desire, plan, or look for a rebuilt temple?

Marcie Lenk’s essay “Rebuild the Temple? Not in our time” would seem to reflect most modern Jews’ perspectives on this issue.

Introducing “Ask a Jew”

Sometimes being Jewish feels inherently controversial. Hence the old saying: “Ask two Jews, get three opinions.”

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