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Ask A Jew: Reform Judaism


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By Hyphen Parent

What’s a good resource to start learning about Reform Judaism?

ReformJudaism.org is a great and thorough resource. It contains all sorts of information about Reform Judaism. There’s information on the history, tenets, practice, etc.

The Union for Reform Judaism’s website is another great resource. URJ is the congregational arm of Reform Judaism. There you can find additional information along with articles and press releases. 

Congregation Emanu-El is the Reform congregation in Spokane. Through their website, you can find some helpful resources, learn more about the local congregation, and find people working and volunteering there that you can reach out to.

Hyphen Parent
Hyphen Parent
Dorothy-Ann Parent (better known as Hyphen) is a writer, a traditional Jew, a seeker of justice, a lover of stories and someone who’s best not left unattended in a bookshop or animal shelter.

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