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Ask a Hindu: Why Do You Not Believe in a God?

Why, as a Hindu, do you not believe in a God and everything in the universe indicates his existence?

Ask a Hindu: Where Do You Worship?

Do you worship somewhere as a group, such as in Spokane? Or do Hindus worship only in their homes? Do you have spiritual holidays, like some have Christmas, Ramadan, etc.?

Ask a Hindu: What’s Most Misunderstood about Your Faith?

What is most often misunderstood about your faith? Do you think people of different faith should marry? How has your faith changed over the years? How do you feel when people try to convert you away from your faith or when others criticize or attack your faith? What do you love most about your faith?

Ask a Hindu: Remaining Friends Forever

Are there any rules, customs or traditions in the Hindu religion or culture that specify you "must" remain friends with someone who has been helpful to you, no matter what?

Ask A Hindu: Brahman and Other Gods

All these Divine powers and their reincarnations, and so many other Divine powers are like executives in a branch and serve different purposes, where the Supreme Being is the ultimate.

Ask A Hindu: Worship Services?

Mostly we worship our deities at home every day.

Ask A Hindu: What Is Your Favorite Celebration?

What is your favorite celebration as a Hindu?

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