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Is religion a voice for good? Yes and no


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Religion can be a voice for good.

All religions have a set of morals and values at their core. These values teach and encourage us to be good to each other and to love one another, whether someone is a part of the same religion as us, or not.

In addition to love, there are laws dictated by religion that can be considered good. The Ten Commandments orders us about not to murder or steal. These rules are easily considered “good” in nature and prevent us from hurting each other.

Religion can be used a voice for expressing forgiveness, which is a good thing, especially when we live in a world that seems to value the “eye for an eye” mentality. There are several stories in the Bible that focus on forgiveness.

Yet, I also think religion can be a voice for evil, or more rather, a way for someone, whose intentions are not so good, to exploit religious beliefs and use them to their advantage. A religious leader may use the practices and beliefs of a particular religion to justify their poor treatment or prejudice of someone who may not share their beliefs or someone who the leader believes is inferior to them.
Yes religion can be used as a voice for good, but some paths to Hell are paved with good intentions.

Al Stover
Al Stoverhttp://alstoverportfolio.tumblr.com/
Al Stover is the Eagle Life editor for the Easterner newspaper and a writer for Rant Sports’ Mixed Martial Arts section. He is a journalism major at Eastern Washington University and has interviewed characters like cage fighters, drag queens and paranormal investigators.

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