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Introducing Ask An Eastern Orthodox Christian


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By Nicholas Damascus

easternorthodoxThe Orthodox Christian faith is the original and oldest Christian faith.  It sees itself as the fullness of the revelation of God to man, and that the Orthodox Church is the ancient community of believers founded by Jesus Christ and the apostles.

I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian, born into the faith, and a native to Spokane.  I attend Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church; the “Greek” in this title does not infer ethnicity but implies the jurisdictional authority (that being the “Sea of Constantinople” which was the Eastern center of Christianity located in a conclave in Istanbul, Turkey).

I am not here to tell you how much I know or for my own vain glory.  I’m here to reveal to you as best as I can what the original faith is; a way of life, to become one with one another, and a means to transform oneself into everything that God intended and created us to be.

Let us address the human condition (the emptiness within us) with the understanding, practices, and timely wisdom of the original ancient Christian faith.

Or in simpler terms: Let us address the human condition with timely wisdom of the original ancient Christian faith.

I invite you to submit your questions to this new column, “Ask An Eastern Orthodox Christian” using the form below or by leaving a comment.

Nicholas Damascus
Nicholas Damascus
As an infant, I was baptized as an Eastern Orthodox Christian. However, I would say that becoming a Christian is a work in progress, and I often wonder would there be enough evidence to convict me of becoming a Christian. The Orthodox Church is the ancient Church that Christ and the Apostles established. It is not a religion but rather a way of life. It is not about rules and regulations but rather guide posts to make choices to transition to what we were designed to become. Becoming Orthodox is not a conversion but more so a transformation of self. It’s not about being right: it is about “right being.” In John 14:6, Christ says I am the Way (to love and serve one another), the Truth (there is only one reality), and the Life (that life source is love). I invite you to submit any topics or questions to “Ask An Eastern Orthodox Christian” on the website. Join me in finding our way back home to the original teachings of the Church. When you change the way you look at things, things change the way they look.


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