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Everyone has a right to work toward their dream


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I have spent most of my life valuing the effort of hard work, whether it is in myself, or in others. I believe that hard work can get anyone to anywhere. I also believe that if someone has a dream and is willing to work for it, they should be allowed to have that dream.

This is no different for someone who wants to come to the United States in hopes of starting a better for life and themselves and their family. If someone, who is not born in the U.S., wants to come to this country and is willing to work to capture that dream, they should be allowed to become citizens with the government’s help. They should be allowed to have the jobs that no one wants to take, with equal pay. They should be allowed to have the benefits of regular U.S. citizens. They should be entitled to the rights that everyone takes for granted.

Al Stover
Al Stoverhttp://alstoverportfolio.tumblr.com/
Al Stover is the Eagle Life editor for the Easterner newspaper and a writer for Rant Sports’ Mixed Martial Arts section. He is a journalism major at Eastern Washington University and has interviewed characters like cage fighters, drag queens and paranormal investigators.

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