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COVID-19 Relief Funds Available to Immigrants in Washington State

The Washington COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund is available to immigrants who are experiencing hard times due to the pandemic and are ineligible for federal financial relief or unemployment insurance.

Spokane Nonprofit Barbershop Seeks to Help Those Who Struggle

Using connections within Spokane and assistance from the community, The Morning After Grooming Co., a barbershop in Spokane, seeks to help the less fortunate with its nonprofit People Over Profit that goes by the motto, “Let our answer never be no.”

FāVS Center—Spokane’s Interfaith Community Center—Opens for Religious Services, Events under Phase Two COVID Restrictions

Effective immediately, the FāVS Center—Spokane’s only interfaith community center—opens for religious services and some religious events, within WA State’s Phase 2 restrictions.

Matt Shea Isn’t Running, But He’s a Key Part of Election Attack Ads

The lawmaker, who was accused of domestic terrorism, is being used to attack not only his fellow Republicans, but also a Seattle Democrat.

Locally, Higher Ed Service Learning Takes on Virtual Approach

PICCE created the program, Learning Together Spokane (LTS), as a way to stay connected despite the changes from COVID-19.

‘Reluctant cultist’ survives an end times cult turned pet rescue group to find his own faith

Founded by ex-Scientologists turned Satanists, the Foundation Faith of God and its members awaited the end of the world but when it didn't come, the group decided to rescue animals instead.

FāVS Seeking Volunteers to Help With Fall Clean-up Saturday

The FāVS Center needs your help on Saturday (Oct. 17) from 1-3 p.m. We need to get our center ready for winter!

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