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Toni Niemiec

Walking the spiritual path has been part of the Rev. Toni Niemiec's life as long as she can remember. She said as a child she was not raised in a “traditional” religion.

Ask a Religion Scientist: Beliefs on Spousal Rape

In the case of spousal rape the action (cause) is one of violence and the outcome (effect) multifaceted harm — physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. It should be treated the same as any other form of rape, legally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Honoring the Labor Movement

The purpose of Labor Day was to honor the unions and labor movement in the United States.

Ask A Religious Scientist: What is meant by ‘New Thought’?

We used to say, “Ancient wisdom, new thought,” which referred to a new interpretation of the ancient wisdom in the world.

Coffee Talk a reminder that there are many ways to make a difference

As Coffee Talk ended yesterday I felt my energy once again revived. Looking around there were discussions going on as people lingered, questions being asked, people wanting to know how and what to do to make a difference.

What will I change?

I told her of my realization that if each person who walked, and each person who was touched in some way by the march, made one small change to bring our gift more wholly to life we would have global transformation.

From the Good Neighbor Conference: Pay attention, be present

A difference between a human and a goldfish is that humans can consciously choose to change.

Vote, we have a voice

Voting is the individual’s opportunity to have a voice.

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