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Taylor Fe Mamaril

Mamaril is a senior at Gonzaga University majoring in Sociology with a minor in Journalism. Growing up her father heavily identified with the Catholic faith since he grew up in the Philippines. Her mom and her family are Christian but over the years she and her brother have moved between Agnostic and Catholic. Over the years she has become more spiritual than religious. Mamaril is curious how this may have happened and if others experience a similar question of faith and spirituality. Besides studying and researching, she can be found in small bakeries or at the dog park with her pup, Hobo.

After 130 years Gathering House continues to innovate

The Gathering House and Street Wise Café in the Garland district serves as a new model for church goers.

2018 Spokane Area Christmas Worship Service Listings

Looking for a place to worship this Christmas? SpokaneFāVS has you covered.

Spokane City Council: immigration agents must have warrants

With a 6-1 vote, the Spokane City Council passed an ordinance Monday night that would require federal immigration enforcement agents to get a warrant from a judge before accessing non-public areas of city-owned property.

20 Years of Fighting Hate: Gonzaga Organization Celebrates Anniversary

Following the Westboro Baptist Church protest near campus, members of the Institute discussed the importance of solidarity and acceptance of marginalized communities as they push for another 20 years.

For profit ministry works to house refugees coming to Spokane

Ten Talents Ministry is a for-profit organization that invests in housing units for refugee families or people in need of affordable housing. Usually incoming refugees move to Spokane because of a family member located nearby, but the change may be difficult.

Love Thy Neighbor Revival kicks off Friday in West Central

An upcoming Methodist revival is coming to Spokane this weekend, and is happening throughout the Pacific Northwest to focus on community inclusion and participation.

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