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Steven Simmons

Steven Simmons considers himself a secular humanist and atheist. Born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he began his journey away from religion at the age of 12 when it began to clash with his increasingly naturalistic worldview. Simmons is a long-time resident of Moscow, Idaho, where he is a board member of the Humanists of the Palouse. For the past several years he has been closely involved in the secular movement in the Palouse region where he works to create a sense of community and an awareness of humanist values to a relatively conservative part of the Inland Northwest.

A perfect storm for sexual abuse: Christian privilege, purity culture, and the doctrine of repentance

For too long, predators have used the cloak of religion to hide and perpetuate their crimes

Why women are less likely to identify as non-religious

I'd like to flip that question and answer why I think women are less likely to identify as non-religious.

Growth of non-religious due to strong stances on moral and social issues

Every year, an increasing number of millions of Americans attend church for the last time, and for a myriad of reasons, are never compelled to go back.

Charlie Charlie: the real challenge is for adults to think critically

“Charlie Charlie, can we play?” It’s a simple game — you place two pencils crossed on a piece of paper, one balanced on the other.

The gold or black dress debate shows the nature of knowledge, compassion

There’s a photo of a dress that is making big waves right now, reportedly causing deep rifts in friendships, straining marriages and causing many to question their sanity and everything they knew about the nature of reality.

When Children Suffer To Prove Their Parent’s Faith

The location of this graveyard of children is not random. Idaho, in its laws protecting children from neglect and intentional harm, has an exemption for those who choose to heal through prayer alone.

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