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Sreedharani Nandagopal

Sreedharani Nandagopal followed her physician sister to Seattle in 1969. She attended University of Washington to get her Physics and engineering degree. Then, In 1975 went back to India and got married to an electrical engineering professor (Mallur Nandagopal, Ph.D.) and at the same time I received her immigrant visa. Together they returned to Seattle. In 1977 they moved to Spokane. Her husband has done some innovative things for the city of Spokane, one of them being rebuilding the Upriver Dam Hydroelectric project which produces annually over $3 million in revenue to the city. Sreedharani taught for the Community Colleges of Spokane for 27 years and other colleges in this area including NIC. Together they do volunteer work for the schools and community at large by giving presentations about Indian culture, Hinduism, etc. They also try to educate the Spokane and the vicinity citizenry by bringing classical concerts and dance-dramas from India with the help of Rotary, Spokane Arts, Spokane city, Innovia Foundation, and many other organizations, and individual donors.

Ask A Hindu: Garland Necklace

The most common feature, found in all the occasional celebrations, is the usage of garlands.

Ask A Hindu: Practicing The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is about deciding what you want, and making it happen

Ask A Hindu: Brahman and Other Gods

All these Divine powers and their reincarnations, and so many other Divine powers are like executives in a branch and serve different purposes, where the Supreme Being is the ultimate.

Ask A Hindu: Worship Services?

Mostly we worship our deities at home every day.

Ask A Hindu: What Is Your Favorite Celebration?

What is your favorite celebration as a Hindu?

Ask A Hindu: Biggest Definer of Your Faith

We, each of us, find our niche to serve the Divine Being and serve humanity in different ways.

Ask A Hindu: How is Vegetarianism Viewed?

Vegetarianism is one of the fundamental principle beliefs of in Hinduism worldwide

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