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Sarah Conover

Sarah Conover is a writer and teacher who, despite a fierce wanderlust, calls Spokane home. She has an MFA in poetry, and is the author of seven books on world wisdom traditions and spirituality. She and husband Doug Robnett are parents of two remarkable children long-ago nicknamed: “Swaminathan and the Material Girl.” Conover, getting old now, has enjoyed multiple careers. The best one yet is the latest: teaching creative writing, a course called “Making it Matter," to the eldering through Spokane Community College ACT 2 program. She hosted the Ask a BuddhistFāVS column for several years.

Opting for Spokane cohousing

Instead, we opted to join the first co-housing group on the east side of our state, choosing to live in a condo that would reduce our private square footage by half, downsize us into a one-car garage, allow us to participate in the work and fruits of a communal garden, woodshop and more, and exchange my cooking for all the households one night a month for 24 feasts provided by my new neighbors.

Ask A Buddhist: Marriage and Attachment

Is the Noble Eightfold Path applicable to a sustained romantic love, a committed relationship?  Yes

What’s your definition of ‘humility’?

Lately, I’ve been especially intrigued by the idea of humility, as much of our national political discussions have deteriorated into a swamp of incivility and the word, humility, seems to have vanished from popular diction.

How to be unhappy

Years ago I heard a quote that has always stuck with me: “Americans are the only people on earth stupid enough to believe we should be happy all the time.”

American Willing to Listen

An old activist friend of mine, Fran Peavey, used to travel the world’s benches in the 1970s and 80s with a simple sign that read, "American Willing to Listen." We’d be looking at a different political landscape now if only more of us had.

Humble Pie: On the Paradoxes of Happiness, An Invitation

What I do know is that humility, becoming small, has an inverse relationship to increasing happiness.

Ask A Buddhist: Can LGBT people be ordained?

Questions about sexuality shouldn’t be an issue among Buddhist monastics because of what you noted above: celibacy. However, shouldn’t be doesn’t mean it isn’t.

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