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Neal Schindler

A native of Detroit, Neal Schindler has lived in the Pacific Northwest since 2002. He has held staff positions at Seattle Weekly and The Seattle Times and was a freelance writer for Jew-ish.com from 2007 to 2011. Schindler was raised in a Reconstructionist Jewish congregation and is now a member of Spokane's Reform congregation, Emanu-El. He is the director of Spokane Area Jewish Family Services. His interests include movies, Scrabble, and indie rock. He lives with his wife, son, and two cats in West Central Spokane.

Jewish Film Fest Driven by Values

What is a Jewish film festival’s purpose? To introduce audiences to a few examples of the limitless ways people can be Jewish? Is it primarily a teaching tool?

Disagreements for the sake of heaven

From a Jewish perspective, agreeing to disagree is nothing new.

Ask A Jew: Is the Wailing Wall truly a remnant of the Second Temple?

I have read that there is controversy about whether the Wailing Wall truly is a remnant of the Second Temple or whether it is part of a Roman fortress. What does the evidence indicate?

A festival of much-needed uplift

In addition to calling for real, needed action against neo-Nazism and its apologists, Jews I know are also making it clear that they’re not going anywhere; that they can’t be cowed by hate; and that Jewish tradition itself provides essential tools to deal with bigotry. It’s highly appropriate, then, that the upcoming Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival (full disclosure: I organize it) highlights themes of Jewish resilience and perseverance in the face of daunting challenges.

Ask A Jew: How come Jews pound their chest when they pray?

How come sometimes, when Jews pray (like during Yom Kippur services), they pound their chests with their fists?

Ask A Jew: The Balfour Declaration

What relationship does the Balfour Declaration have with Hitler's hatred of Jews and the creation of the nation of Israel?

Ask A Jew: Help! I Need Matzo Ball Soup

If this really is a genuine matzo-ball-soup emergency — and I sense from your tone that it is — I have some bad news for you. I’ve lived here more than seven years, and I’ve yet to find a local restaurant that makes matzo ball soup.

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