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Megan Carroll

Megan Carroll is a senior journalism major and interdisciplinary arts minor — which combines her passions for music, theater and dance — at Gonzaga University. Her professional writing experience apart from FāVS includes work with Gonzaga’s Marketing and Communications department (Gonzaga News Service and Gonzaga Magazine), freelance feature and entertainment writing with local daily The Spokesman-Review, and freelance writing for Northwest Catholic Magazine’s website. When she is not writing, Megan enjoys hanging out with adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities at GU Specialized Recreation, singing in voice lessons or GU Concert Choir, dancing, enjoying the outdoors, exercising, and spending time with her wonderful friends and family. A Las Vegas native and avid hiker, she enjoys the beautiful scenery, change of pace and different climate in Spokane. She worshipped in the non-denominational Christian church throughout most of her life, but was recently baptized and confirmed a Catholic. Discussions surrounding interreligious dialogue and religious pluralism in coursework and beyond have led her to many religion reporting passion projects.

Spokane community ‘gloms onto’ Yoga at the Cathedral

Participants can attend free Yoga at the Cathedral classes monthly at St. John’s on the penultimate or last Sunday of the month.

At GU lecture Rabbi who faced harassment head-on gives advice on combating hate

Roston co-founded the Glacier Jewish Community/B’nai Shalom Montana Jewish community when her family made the move from New Jersey to Whitefish in 2014.  The quiet and peaceful life she expected was suddenly — and violently — disturbed last December.

Whitefish rabbi to speak at Gonzaga about responding to hate

Rabbi Francine Roston from the Glacier Jewish Community/ B’nai Shalom Montana will present her lecture “Responding to Hate and Cyber-Terrorism: Lessons from Whitefish Montana” on Saturday, Oct. 21 from 7-8:30 p.m. in Gonzaga University’s Hemmingson Ballroom.

Writing about hate is heavy, but enlightening

The recent mass shooting in Las Vegas — the deadliest in United States history — shed light on a sad but true reality: Hate is all around us. It is inescapable.

Since election anti-Semitic and racist vandalism has plagued region

White Supremacists, white nationalists and neo-Nazis carried rifles, Swastikas and Confederate flags in a city over 2,500 miles from Spokane. But hate and bias incidents are just as much of a reality here.

OUTCRY Tour: I felt safe. I felt at home. I felt at peace.

It’s difficult to critique a praise and worship concert. Though the artists were clearly talented and the singers performed with incredible technique, the experience resonates differently for every person.

Spokane author’s faith journey leads her to write children’s book on Hinduism

Conover’s most recent book published in December 2016, “Katha Sagar, Ocean Stories: Hindu Wisdom for Every Age” (with Unitarian minister Abhi Janamanchi), is an exploration of Hinduism suitable for children and adults; it is the first of its kind apart from books that detail Hindu festivals.

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