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Lindsey Treffry

Spokane born-and-raised, Lindsey Treffry works as a copy editor and page designer for The Spokesman-Review. She graduated from the University of Idaho in 2013 with a journalism degree, and now spends her weekends cooking vegan meals and walking her dog, Griffey. She returns to Spokane Faith and Values as a freelance writer, years after interning for the publication during its inception.

Seekr app: Tinder meets GoogleMaps to create ‘one-stop shop’ for worshipping needs

Seekr users can filter places of worship through types of faith or other categories, such as parking, “open and affirming,” ADA accessible, day care and outreach offerings.

Spokane UU Church to host educational event on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

And it is conflicts, much like Sunday’s, that have prompted members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane to host an instructive weekend on the complicated topic, dubbed “Israel & Palestine: A Journey for Justice.”

Q&A: Mayoral candidates provide insight to their thoughts on homelessness, religion, climate change and criminal justice

All of the candidates were sent a questionnaire with the chance to answer controversial questions on faith, values and ethics, such as how our city should care for the homeless. The answers offer a look at how each candidate thinks our city should run and how they think they would run it.

Hamblen Park series focuses on love, care of refugees

Christians have responsibility to accept new Spokane neighbors, speaker says

No-Li turns beer into volunteer work

For NoLi community has been a big part of business for co-owners John and Cindy Bryant, since they bought the brewery in May 2015.

Safety of downtown churches a concern amid recent break-ins

Our Lady of Lourdes isn’t alone when it comes to criminal activity surrounding the church -- and the nation has taken notice.

Traveling exhibit uses art to ‘bridge’ religious differences, commonalities

A traveling art exhibit that has been displayed in the oldest church in Paris, set up in the Westown Hub of Cario, Egypt, and reached the United States on the University of Chicago campus, will make a stop June 3 at St. John’s Cathedral in Spokane.

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