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Friday, May 24, 2024

Kyle Franklin

Kyle A. Franklin is a recent graduate of Gonzaga University, where he earned his Master's in Religious Studies. He completed his bachelor's degree in history and religion at Pacific Lutheran University in 2007 and has worked in both the ELCA Lutheran Church and the United Methodist Church.

Faith renewed, again, at the Gay Christian Network Conference

I feel a bit like Moses today. I returned yesterday from my second Gay Christian Network Conference.

On Restricted Freedoms

One of the recent occurrences of a free speech “issue” in popular media to cause an uproar was the firing of Curt Schilling over controversial comments/posts on Facebook.

What new things is God revealing to you?

Are there things that God is revealing to you that you are treating like whipped cream even though it is clearly shaving cream?

Ash Wednesday a reminder of our mortality, and a prompt to be fully alive

Ash Wednesday is one of the services in which I break down every year (All Saints’ Day is the other guaranteed tear jerker).

Epiphany and a Spirit of Grace

In many ways, I view Epiphany as paramount in the Advent Season. This is the date when Jesus is recognized and heralded as King of the Jews through the actions and recognition of pagans.

Part of education is learning different perspectives

We enter classrooms to learn and grow — not to stay stagnant. But to learn and grow, we have to think beyond ourselves and our limited thinking.

How God Calls and Equips Us

Jesus, a carpenter, was in a boat full of fishers who, one would think, would be experts at navigating the choppy and stormy sea. But they called on him for help. In the same way, people of faith are often in the same “boat” in life.

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