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John Hancock

John Hancock had a first career as a symphony orchestra musician and was a faculty member at University of Michigan. He has advanced degrees in music performance from Boston University and U.M. Arts management was his way of problem-solving and expanding the public participation. He was orchestra manager of the Toledo Symphony, executive director of the Spokane Symphony and the Pasadena Pops and chief operating officer of the Milwaukee Symphony. Currently he’s an Eagle Scout, a Rotarian, a liberal libertarian of an Iowa small-town self-sufficiency and was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War. A childhood Methodist, he now instead pursues ideas of commonality among religions and philosophies. Volunteerism in civic, political and social services work draws him to town from his forest home outside Spokane. Since 2006, his Deep Creek Consulting has aided non-profit organizations in grantwriting and strengthbuilding.

Genetic ancestors, DNA and the soul

I picture a really big funnel, open side up. Above it are the numberless faces of the ancestors, fading upward into invisibility. Infinite in number and variety.

Viewpoints: Hopes for the New Year

A new year comes with a new beginning. We asked FāVS writers what they hope 2017 will bring.

To Sessions, Washington cannabis sales makes us ‘bad people’

"Good people don’t use Marijuana” So says Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, selected recently as Attorney General in the upcoming Trump Cabinet.

Hillary Says Scripture Says

Hillary is parroting the Sunday School lesson from her childhood. It is not a constructive or progressive message. Endurance may be aided by character, but it doesn’t lead to it.

Viewpoints: Faith and accountability

This week we asked our writers how accountability plays a role in their faith.

The freedom to think for myself

I’m grateful for the freedom to think for myself. We enjoy tremendous opportunity to pursue any thought path we choose, and to find almost unfiltered information from speakers and writers and sages and elders.

Gender expression and making your own choice

In my mind, civilizing conformity, whether political, cultural, or religious, has as its goal the packaging of individuals into neat, predictable, dutiful drones.

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