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Joe Butler

Joe Butler has worked in the world of digital and print media for more than 30 years, and has developed all sorts of niche sections, from golf to super couponing to cannabis. He studied mass communication at Central Washington University. He and his family of humans and pets live in Post Falls, Idaho.

Not Great at Goodbyes? Cannabis Smoke Adds New, but Classic Twist to Funerals

Every culture has some way of saying good-bye, whether it’s a permanent send-off or wishing them well in the hereafter. Public celebrations encourage people to gather to support each other and perhaps share positive, inspiring lessons from the deceased.

How I Became a Cannabis Convert

In early 2012, my dad learned that the cancer he had been diagnosed with the previous fall wasn’t going to go away. His soul’s journey in this world ended on Star Wars Day 2013 (“May the 4th be with you” – get it?) During his illness, he tried pot for the first time when a friend offered him samples that he secretly grew to help his chronic back pain instead of pharmaceuticals.

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