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Jimmy Young

Jim, a Union Bricklayer by trade, was born in Spokane and has lived there the majority of his life. He is associated with a few Christian churches in the area through weekly Bible studies, recovery meetings, opportunities to serve the vulnerable and as a parishioner. He has a checkered past because of bad choices, but has since gained a foothold on a better way to be alive and seeks to share his experience, strength and hope with others. He has decided to make it his business what it is that is his business, and what it is that is best not to be. He is also proud to say he has an Environmental Science degree (an A.S. in Water Resources), obtained from Spokane Community College, a father to six wonderful children and grandfather to five. He loves learning how it is to live right.

The Crucibles of Life Mold Us for Better and Worse

A good day. Maybe you know what that is. I thought I did. I've since changed my mind. My idea of a good time eventually drug me through the worst hell I have ever known. A hell so deep and dark it could have only been made worse by having to crawl through it alone. I have yet to see a greater affinity of friends than ones made in the abscessed corners of misery.

A tale of tolerance – how ‘Mad Dog’ Matt taught me to see the best in others

I squint hard to see something special in rude and crude people I too easily want to dismiss as not worth the trouble. Because they are trouble. Yet, like Matt, I have found they have value, too.

How God, and the church, helped me find meaning

These people, the church, help me achieve sanity as a way of life. They offer me an active role in a vibrant community. They help me find value and meaning.

A Reason to Cry

I have figured out the meaning of life. It is to cry. 

Is It Worse To Feel Alone, Or Wish You Were?

The worst human condition to endure surely must be to feel all alone.

Lesson From A Girl’s Bike: Who Cares What Others Think?

What people think of me may matter, but sometimes I care what others think about me more than I should. How someone may see me should not outweigh how I perceive myself.

You Can Still Shine, Even When You’re Broken

Unfair. I know what that looks like. I know what it is at its core.

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