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Elizabeth Backstrom

Elizabeth Backstrom majored in journalism at Western Washington University and currently works as remotely as a grant writer. Her background is in news writing and features, but if an overabundance of caffeine is consumed, she has been known to write a humor piece or two. Backstrom attended various Christian churches growing up in Washington State and in her free time enjoys reading about history, religion and politics.

303 Creative Is not a Win for Free Speech and Religious Liberty

The expansion of the concept of speech to include everything from donating money to wearing a shirt to burning a flag is weakening enforcement of the First Amendment. If everything is speech, nothing is speech.

Gay pride flags should not be banned in classrooms

I agree that in general, classrooms shouldn't be a place to push a particular political ideology or campaign. However, simply being gay in school isn't a political campaign. It's a recognition that a teacher's classroom is a safe place for gay kids. If that's political to you, even if the teacher never once mentions a political candidate, you've probably got a problem with the existence of the gay kids.

Politics of Hope, Part 2

Constructive action is the key to changing the trajectory of these issues — informed, involved citizens getting off social media and actually getting to know one another, working together over time to fix a problem. To paraphrase historian Ernest Renan, ‘a nation is a daily direct vote,’ a desire to continue living together in solidarity and a recognition of our shared past.

Politics of Hope, Part 1

Like most of us watching the news recently, I was shocked and horrified by the shootings in the Uvalde school on May 24th. In a country numb from hundreds of shootings, I was surprised I could still feel anything about them at all.

Maus, Joe Rogan, and the paradox of progressive content banning 

Most of my friends were outraged that book banning still occurs on such a significant scale, and urged their friends to buy and read banned books...Until recently, I reserved my concern for the right

Help FāVS Keep the Conversation Going in the Time of COVID-19

While we’ve cancelled events, we still need your support. Consider turning your ticket prices into a monthly or one-time donation to SpokaneFāVS.

Annual Greek Festival Takes Place This Week in Spokane

The 84th Annual Greek Festival is happening Sept. 26, 27 and 28 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, featuring Greek food, coffee and company.

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