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Corbin Croy

Corbin Croy was born in Spokane and grew up in Post Falls. In 1998 he got married at the age of 18 and moved to Coeur d’Alene. Together they have four children, and try to live as simply and honestly as possible.

5 modern mystical practices

If you are tired of being told to read your Bibles, pray and go to church there are other mystical practices which can be increase and deepen our connection to God. Mysticism is the spiritual practice that develops habits and rituals that directly connect us to God.

The Resurrection Series: Resurrection Reflection

It seems weird to me that in order to promote virtue and good character I must weaken the historical argument for the resurrection, and that to promote the historical argument for the resurrection I must weaken my devotion to virtue and good character.

The solution to consumerism

Remember that part of the Bible where it says that you cannot serve both God and money? We like to forget that around Thanksgiving

The Resurrection Series Part VIII – Embarrassing Evidence

The criteria of embarrassment is important. Every Christian should take it seriously, and so should every historian.

The Resurrection Series Part VII – The Women Who Knew Too Much

A story of a few women coming upon an empty tomb may not be that exciting. Normally we might think that all they have done is discovered a grave robbery, or a mistaken burial plot.

The Resurrection Series part VI – Common Ground

Most people accept that at some point soon after the death of Jesus people began having experiences that are genuinely preserved in memory as being resurrection experiences.

Hitching Post a reminder that “We can do better”

The point is that you are fighting the wrong battle. The threat against you is not the government trying to force churches to marry homosexuals. The threat against you is the alliance between government and religion.

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