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Cathy Lynn Grossman

Cathy Lynn Grossman is a senior national correspondent for Religion News Service, specializing in stories drawn from research and statistics on religion, spirituality and ethics, and manager for social media.

God? Meaning of life? Many Americans don’t seek them in church

The “seekers” have left the church — if they ever came. LifeWay Research has taken a close look at what might draw them in, zeroing in on people who say they have not attended a religious service in the past six months except for special events or holidays.

Why some evangelicals changed their minds about evolution

It promotes the idea that one can be serious about Christian faith and still accept a scientific Darwinian account of human origins.

Conservative Christian women confront their doubts on Trump

The prospect of choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for president is driving Veronica Mahaffy straight to prayer.

California’s End of Life Option law: More peaceful deaths or moral quicksand?

That’s the day the nation’s most populous state implements a law, passed in 2015, making physician-assisted dying accessible to one in six Americans, according to its national backers, Compassion & Choices.

Highly religious people say they’re happier, too, survey finds

Four in 10 highly religious people say they’re “very happy” with the way things are going in life, compared to 29 percent of those who are not highly religious.

Applause, dismay, confusion over pope’s words

Pope Francis’ “The Joy of Love,” a massive document released Friday (April 8) that wraps unchanged doctrine on marriage, divorce, and LGBT life in gentle terms, is getting a mixed reaction from U.S. Catholics and others.

The United States of America: One nation not quite under God

But the Almighty is an afterthought to a growing number of people, say two sociology professors.

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