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Cathy Lynn Grossman

Cathy Lynn Grossman is a senior national correspondent for Religion News Service, specializing in stories drawn from research and statistics on religion, spirituality and ethics, and manager for social media.

Americans fear terrorism, mass shootings — and often Muslims as well

Terrorism and mass shootings trouble an overwhelming number of Americans today, and the religious identity of the killers influences how they are viewed.

Act now, for God’s sake, faith voices urge Paris climate conference

As the United Nations’ 2015 Paris Climate Conference moves into its final days, faith voices have pushed to be sure their moral perspective has been heard at the summit, where officials of 195 nation are wrestling with plans to slow the ticking clock of global warming and other environmental crises.

Will Democrats play the God card at their debate?

Democratic contenders in the 2016 presidential election take their turn at the debate lecterns Tuesday (Oct. 13), and it’s anyone’s guess if it will be a battle of contesting moral visions or a policy snooze-fest.

Religious or not, many Americans see a creator’s hand

You don’t have to believe in God or identify with any religion to see a creator’s hand in human life and morality, suggests a new survey.

11 faith facts about GOP candidates debating on CNN

They all profess an attachment to God but they want to duke it out about how much that matters in public policy.

Catholics love their celebrity pope and most — not all — his priorities

Americans are gung-ho for Pope Francis’ U.S. visit — if they know he’s coming.

America welcomes Christians, Jews; atheists, Muslims not so much

Diverse religious groups are recognized — but Christians and Jews are significantly more welcome than atheists, and many don’t see a welcome mat for Muslims.

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