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Blaine Stum

Blaine Stum is a 30-something-year-old native of the Spokane area who was raised in Spokane Valley. He graduated from Gonzaga University with a bachelor's degree in political science. He works in the local political arena and has been involved in LGBT non-profit work for several years.

America’s Illusion of Revolution

How can it be that one man setting himself on fire for having his fruit confiscated by a government employee ignites a revolution in Tunisia, but a constant string of injustices will result in business as usual in America?

In Search of Alternatives to Criminal Justice

While evaluation studies have shown that many drug courts reduce recidivism, studies have also found that they have widened the net of the criminal justice system; bringing people under its control who would otherwise not be there.

The Cowardice of Hate

New polls show that more and more Americans hold negative views of Islam and Muslims.

Men and Violence We Sow

Surveys have shown Americans think everything from mental health to violent video games are major factors contributing to violence.

How The System Fails Victims

The prosecutors office has, understandably, refused to offer a statement or comment to the media. I say understandably because I'm sure even they know: they failed the victim.

Mass Shootings: An American Ritual

When it comes to gun violence, our ritual is well known: Express shock and horror.

In Spokane, “The ugly face of Islamophobia” reared its head

I overheard these words from the mouth of Rep. Matt Shea as I stood in disbelief at the display of hatred and vitriol from the crowd of anti-Muslim protestors rallying outside of the Northeast Community Center.

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