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Bailey Russell

Bailey Clare Russell was born in Port au Prince, Haiti in 1995. She was adopted by a family in Boise, Idaho, and has since lived there her whole life. She is currently a junior at Gonzaga University, where she is pursuing a degree in International Relations with a minor in French. She is currently president of Black Student Union, works a part-time job and is currently working on creating cultural classes at Gonzaga in the core curriculum. When she's not busy, she enjoys listening to music, movies, cooking and baking, eating sweets and coffee and hanging out with friends.

Can We Blend?

One of the biggest reasons for the anti-immigrant sentiment is the economy.

We’re Going To Be Alright

That’s when I realized that despite all madness that has been happening, black Catholics, black Americans will be alright. We are going to be alright. We always are.

Faith Leaders Come Together to Push for Sentencing Reform before the Congress Recess

I have always been aware of the unfair sentencing handed down to low level drug offenders, particularly when they are African American or Latino.

We Have a Priest Gone Rogue

“I left the church, when I could not sit and listen to him preach, about leading a Christian life, when I knew in my heart, that he was bullying people and deceiving people, by telling lies.”

To All My Chreasters

Chreaster: A Catholic who only attends mass on Christmas and Easter, as defined by Urban Dictionary.

The Colors Are Running Together

"Islam is the fastest growing religion. We are all over the world."

“I Am Arab Israeli”

“I am Arab-Israeli.” This is the first statement Majda tells me when I speak with her about her unique experience as an Israeli by passport, but a Palestinian by heart.

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