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Amy Rice

Amy C. Rice is a technical services and systems librarian at Whitworth University. She has been attending Nazarene churches for most of her life.  As a result, she often approaches issues through a Wesleyan-Arminian perspective.

VIEWPOINTS RESPONSE: For kids, worship is a learning experience

When I was a child, I remember sitting in some services with my parents.

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"Community happened when we joined together to help others." - Amy Rice Building community, one paint can at a time

It may seem God plays favorites sometimes

I don't think God plays favorites. There will be some people (believers and nonbelievers) who think God plays favorites, and it may seem that way sometimes.

Community: Tears of joy, tears of sorrow

In the past two weeks, I have learned of a death of an acquaintance, celebrated a wedding and mourned anew on the 12th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. It was really a sharp contrast: many lives taken too soon juxtaposed with the radiant joy and fellowship of celebrating the forming of a new family.

Some truth here, but also hyperbole

I can see how one might think that reality television presents a skewed view of reality.

Shunning luxuries is a little extreme

A life surrounded by luxury seems to be an unwise use of religious leaders' money, but I don't think it's necessary to shun luxuries altogether.

Lacking stewardship

While I'm not sure I would classify it as sinful

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