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Anna Marie Martin

Anna Marie Martin has been a Spokanite since December 2006, when she moved here just in time to experience some of the worst snowstorms in recent history. She dislikes snow (hate is a really strong word). She grew up in Nebraska, and therefore has no need to be exposed to neither more snow nor more football.  Yet, each of these happen every fall and winter, she says.

Probably no prayer at public meetings

As a guideline, no. I have felt profoundly uncomfortable during times of public prayer - even at events where I supported the cause.

The idea of a personal God is troubling

Mostly, no. I find the idea of a personal God troubling. I find the idea of a personal God troubling because of suffering: why do people suffer so much?

Ethical spending: Eat your vegetables!

When I was asked to write an article for a panel on "ethics and money,” my first thought was, “How could I write a post on that? I’ve never had any money.” People think of the wealthy in discussions like these: “With great power, comes great responsibility.” But not often do people think of the non-rich.

Keep food prayers short!

There's this great  book by Z Budapest (I don't remember the title. It was a long time ago)

How would atheist chaplains be ordained?

I think that might be difficult, since you have to be ordained within your denomination in order to be considered to be a chaplain. I don't know if the Freedom From Religion Foundation has got to the point where they ordain atheists: it might be profoundly against the point.

Although the Flying Spaghetti Monster crowd would probably start ordaining people if there was enough interest in it within the military.

Evil exists because we allow it

It has long troubled me that the word "good" has two antonyms: "bad" and "evil." Like there isn't a more potent level of "good" to be the opposite of "evil," to stand against evil. All "good" has going for itself against evil is small, comparatively — yet somehow, not inadequate.

The Second Coming induces too much fear

No. With no fries; no ketchup; no Ranch dressing on the side; no super size it; no passing Go and getting $200: NO.

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