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Amanda Greene

Amanda Greene is the editor and community manager of Wilmington Faith & Values.

POLL: Is Amendment One standing in the way of clergy religious freedom?

Last week, the United Church of Christ, one of the first denominations in the United States to allow its clergy to marry same-sex couples, sued the state of North Carolina to have Amendment One rescinded.

POLL: Is heaven ‘for real’?

The movie “Heaven is for Real” is getting rave reviews for its portrayal of one boy’s near-death experience and the stories he relays to his parents about the heaven he saw when he was between life and death.

Will you choose burial, cremation or another method?

Do you plan on being buried or cremated when you die? Some cultures also choose a funeral pyre.

VIEWPOINTS: How should faith communities respond to veterans suffering from moral injury?

In January, the Department of Veterans Affairs released the newest numbers on veterans suicides, revealing the rate of young male veterans ages 18-29 killing themselves increased 44 percent between 2009 and 2011.

Seminary buys robot to study the ethics of technology

(RNS) Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College in Matthews, N.C., claims it’s the first in the world to use a robot to study the ethics of emerging technologies.

Only Kwanzaa public radio program in the U.S. continues its tradition after 20 years

It was mid-October, but the two storytellers were planning for Kwanzaa in late December. Wilmington storyteller Joyce Grear and Madafo Lloyd Wilson, longtime storyteller and host of “A Season’s Griot,” were dickering over which story she should read this year.

POLL: Should we listen to 911 tapes from massacres such as the Newtown shootings?

The 911 tapes from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, CT, were released last week — about two weeks before the one-year anniversary of the massacre that killed 28 people, mostly first graders.

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