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Monday, May 27, 2024

Andy CastroLang

Andy CastroLang is a recently retired pastor who joyfully served in the United Church of Christ. She is deeply committed to civil discourse between individuals and throughout our community; in interreligious conversation, private conversation, intergenerational conversation and, yes, even in political conversation. She has been a supporter of FāVS News since its inception because she supports this creative effort at thoughtful community conversation.

Break the Silence Sunday church service offers healing for abuse survivors

Break the Silence Sunday: A powerful worship service dedicated to listening and supporting victims of abuse and violence.

“Jezebel” or “Healer”?

What I do know, in this day, and in this time, is that I preached a sermon with our vice president right in the middle of it, as a symbol of Jesus’ healing power, and as one who, like Jesus, has the power to drive out demonic forces.

Liars, Traitors, Cowards: Say Their Names

There is a new list of names that demands to be remembered. New names and faces that must not be forgotten.

The Wisdom Of The Elders. They’ve Seen This Before.

I also pastor a church with many elders. And while there was shock and anger at the desecration of the Capitol on Wednesday, (Jan. 6) what I also discerned from the elders I serve, was sadness.

On this holiday, let’s vow to heal America

As we share in this national holiday celebrating us, I sincerely ask each and every person, to consider the ways in which they can help the United States of America heal.

We’ve heard you outside Planned Parenthood. Now will you listen to me?

I have, over the years of my vocation, heard my fill of hateful, slanderous comments about me, my life, my choices…from lots of people like you, who don’t even know me.

Jesus didn’t yell into the “echo chamber”

What Jesus does not do, is walk away. Disown. Disconnect. “Ghost” those pesky Pharisees and their pesky machinations.

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