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Why Study Ethics and Religion in College


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Why Study Ethics and Religion in College

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Ethics and religion–these two subjects have always been among the most important ones in the universe. Yet, they are also among those we are not recommended to discuss in society. For decades, there have been many disputes and concerns related to these subjects, and even now, they still remain topical. But are they so big that modern students should study them in college?

Although these two subjects can sound somewhat outdated, they still carry a huge value in the modern world. In this article, a professional essay writer online with best experts for college students will tell you more about each of these subjects and explain why they are still important to learn in the 21st century.

What Is Ethics?

In broad terms, ethics is a set of moral principles that govern and limit a person’s behavior. If we look at this term from an academic perspective, ethics is a branch of science that studies these sets of moral principles, their differences within different cultures, and their impacts on society.

Today, only some students get a chance to take an ethics course related to their profession. Unfortunately, not all colleges and universities provide such opportunities. Nevertheless, studying this subject is still crucial in today’s world.

5 Reasons to Study Ethics in College

Now that you have a general definition, let’s look at the key reasons that make studying ethics worthwhile.

1.   Ethics Builds the Grounding for an Authentic Life

To live a truly meaningful and authentic life, one needs to gain a sense of integrity. Integrity is all about making certain commitments and sticking to them, even if violating them can benefit you. Studying ethics will help you develop a strong character and formulate the basic principles to help you live an authentic life and always make ethical choices.

2.   It Makes You More Successful

Some critics, who doubt the importance of ethics in the 21st century, claim that people who can ignore the rules of ethics can simply focus on themselves and, thus, achieve more. In reality, ethics still remains one of the components of success. Every business school or course will teach you a bit of professional ethics. These courses will teach you to be trustworthy, loyal, honest, and caring because all these qualities are crucial for success. Whether in interpersonal or professional relationships, basic ethics will help you handle all kinds of interactions effectively and get along with other people well. As a result, this will help you achieve great results in your career as well as in your personal life.

3.   It Develops Inner Peace

People who completely ignore all ethical rules are often more exposed to moral torment than others. On the contrary, people who live ethical lives, on the contrary, tend to be more focused, productive, and calm. They don’t have to deal with the guilt and shame that arise from hurting others or violating basic moral principles. Therefore, they can live with a genuine inner piece that also affects their well-being and overall health.

4.   It Builds a Positive Society

The list of the pros and cons of living an ethical life and even studying ethics could go on and on. Yet, there is one undeniable fact–when everyone within a particular society follows ethics, that society becomes strong, stable, and positive. By studying ethics, you can make a personal contribution to building such a society yourself.

5.   It Opens You Doors to a Happy Afterlife

Finally, if there are any other reasons to study ethics, this is it. According to many different religious traditions, living an ethical life brings people something more important than personal success and social stability–it also brings them eternal life. Thus, if you study ethics and apply the gained knowledge in life, you have the chance to receive rewards in the next life.

What Is Religion?

Now that we’ve gotten to religion, let’s start with the definition. Religion is a certain system of views, moral norms, types of behavior, rituals, and actions that have been formulated as the result of belief in supernatural powers, most often a God or gods.

In terms of academics, religion is a subject that studies different religions, their rituals, traditions, beliefs, and values. On top of that, religious studies investigate the most fundamental aspects of human history, culture, and society.

5 Reasons to Study Religion in College

You may or may not have deep faith. Nevertheless, studying religion is crucial for everyone. In this part of the guide, an expert academic writer from a trusted write my admission essay service for high school and college students will tell you about the key reasons to study this subject.

1.   Religion Is a Powerful Trigger Shaping Human Behavior

Look through the history of humanity. You will see that religious traditions and beliefs have always been a strong motivating factor and force, fueling people’s actions through the decades. It can trigger both positive behaviors toward peace, human rights, and justice, and negative ones, such as violence and oppression. By studying this subject, you will be able to understand human nature and behavior more deeply and even look at different historical events from other angles.

2.   It’s an Interdisciplinary Field

Even if religious studies don’t seem to fit into your major, you can still make use of it because this is an interdisciplinary field. That is, religion is closely related to other studies, such as anthropology, philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, art, etc. Thus, by studying it, you actually span a whole range of fields.

3.   It Develops Cultural Awareness

Today, cultural awareness is crucial both in professional and personal life. All across the globe, local religious ideas have impacted human history and culture. Thus, by studying the religion of different nations, you will be able to understand the difference between them and develop better cultural awareness.

4.   It Can Improve Your Career Prospects

Taking a course in religion may not give you the knowledge needed for your future job. However, it will definitely provide you with critical thinking skills, an ability to see and appreciate diversity, and a willingness to challenge your own ideas.

According to studies, 73% of employers are looking for talents with strong critical thinking and analytical reasoning. 80% are searching for candidates who understand the global complexity and issues. Since studying religion gives you all that, we can say that it can indeed help you expand your career prospects.

The Bottom Line

The concepts of religion and ethics have been around for centuries. Even now, they are still important.

After reading this article, you know more about these subjects and know about the primary reasons why you should consider studying them in college. Now the choice is yours!

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