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Two Christian realities for 2013


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I have all kinds of problems with making New Year's resolutions. Maybe a therapist can help me sort it out. Most of the time resolutions relate to ways we would like to change our life but have failed to do so far. If all we do is make the resolution then we are only reminding ourselves of our failure. Spiritually, I know that I am a sinner, but if I don't understand God's empowering vision for me (our) potential, then the sin wears my down.

As a Christian, a spiritual resolution will only matter if I can receive the unconditional love of God and begin to act a little more out of that reality. This love is the change agent in my life.

Here are two Christian realities that I hope to incorporate more deeply into my life in 2013:

1) Incarnation: The birth of Jesus represents divinity's desire to embrace humanity — not to overcome it but rather to inspire to fullness and goodness of humanity.

2) Death/Resurrection: This reveals the truth about our lives, the example of Jesus — if we want to find the path through our suffering and struggle then we must pick up the cross of that struggle and walk the most difficult path we can imagine. This is the way to a deeper joy and new life experience in this life and beyond.

My spiritual resolutions are to believe and live out of these truths more fully in the coming year.

Jim CastroLang
Jim CastroLang
Rev. Jim CastroLang writes for SpokaneFAVS on how to build relationships using social media.

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