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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Deprived of Her Basic Rights

There’s a new backlash, but this time it’s not against women’s progress, but against the loss of women’s rights and their own personhood. Since Roe was overturned, at least three states have blocked new abortion bans, and 16 more have strengthened existing pro-statutes with new protections.

The Greenhouse Effect Was Discovered by Eunice Foote, Many Still Ignore Her Warning

July 17th marked the 204th birthday of Eunice Foote, the woman who, in 1856, first demonstrated warming effects of carbon on the atmosphere. You may never have heard of her, reports Smithsonian Magazine, because this suffragette-scientist was a woman. Her findings were initially ignored.

EWU Professor Brings Iranian Women’s Rights to the Forefront in Upcoming Panel

Arezoo Davari wanted to show solidarity with the women in Iran and to speak out against their oppression.As an associate professor of marketing at Eastern Washington University and an Iranian, Davari believed a college panel event of Iranian women talking about life in their country would be one way she could “do something.”

Taliban Will Be the Losers for Denying Women an Education

On Dec. 20, the Taliban government suspended higher education for women, marking another low for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, as the government is officially known. Its leaders vacillated for more than a year about allowing girls to resume their education but has now dashed the hope, aspiration and ambition of millions of women in the country. 

Mahsa Amini’s death and the plight of Muslim women around the world between their own moral compasses and a morality police

There has never been a balance when it comes to a Muslim woman's personal dress code choice. This and thoughts like these came to my naïve mind when I heard the news on Mahsa Amini, the Iranian girl who was arrested, detained and then died after being beaten by the morality police for violating Iran’s dress code law. Amini was a young girl of Kurdish ethnicity who was merely visiting Tehran.

Women’s Equality: With Two Wings, We Can Fly

Women have yet to reach equal partnership with men in our evolving civilization.

Supreme Court ruling a slap in the face to women’s rights

The court decided that the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act could not require closely held corporations to provide health coverage that includes contraceptives. Beyond setting a horrible precedent with this case, the ruling is another horrifying blow to both women’s rights and workers’ rights.

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