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United Nations condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Despite institutional inadequacies, the scope and extent of the U.N.’s influence throughout our global civilization is beyond comprehension. Just as our own country continuously struggles to unify states, so also has the U.N. struggled to bring nations together. But the trajectory is clear. Last week’s show of unity at the U.N. was unprecedented.

We All Live Together. One Planet. One People, Please.

Although far from perfect, the UN has succeeded in raising, across multiple fronts, widespread recognition that humankind shares a common home.

BRIEF: Gonzaga invites community to celebrate International Day of Tolerance

Gonzaga University President Thayne McCulloh invites the public to the steps of the Crosby Student Center at noon on Nov. 15 to link arms with Gonzaga faculty, staff and students to form a human chain of solidarity to mark the United Nations’ annual International Day of Tolerance.

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