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Sorry, President Trump. You lost my vote. 

I will not be voting for President Trump should he become the nominee. His continued lies, lack of repentance and zero moral clarity are a dealbreaker for me. 

What Makes It Journalism

Journalists are expected to tell the truth insofar as the truth can be discerned. But truth can be elusive. Merriam Webster defines truth in part as “a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality. [A] judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true. [T]he body of true statements and propositions.”

We Do Not Need This Re-Awakening

Thousands will crowd into the Stateline Speedway event center in Post Falls this weekend for the Re-Awaken America tour, a far-right political event that cloaks in ridiculous evangelical fervor an agenda aimed at restoring Donald Trump to power and sending to the sidelines all heathens who reject their pseudo-Christian lunacy.

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