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Spokane Rabbi Laments Destruction in Israel Amidst Hamas Attack, Calls for Local Support

Rabbi of Chabad of Spokane County and Temple Beth Shalom react to the Hamas attack on Israel.

Ask A Jew: Are Jewish Dietary Laws Outdated?

Our Ask a Jew writer, Hyphen Parent, answers the question "Are Jewish dietary laws outdated?"

Ask a Jew: Would I Be Welcomed if I Visited a Local Synagogue?

Would I be welcomed if I visited a local synagogue? The quick answer is, “Generally, yes, you’ll be very welcome.” That being said, a little preparation will make all the difference.

Look Up

In Judaism, it’s never only about the text. Yes the Torah contains much of our rules and laws, but, in practice, our sages have expanded those rules beyond the few written words. Torah gives us the foundation.

Marseille, Torah, and loving the (stran)ger

We have been strangers in so many lands over the millennia.

A Catholic commentary on the writing of the Torah – Part II

The Hebrew Bible tells the story of Israel and her relationship with God. The story unfolds from the beginning of creation, illustrating the eternal divine plan of election and formation. The first five books, the Torah, were traditionally believed to have been written by Moses and pre-date the prophets and writings.

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