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If Pope Francis and Billy Graham Had a Baby It Would Be The ECC

If Pope Francis and Billy Graham had a baby, the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC) would be their love-child. Picture all the bells and whistles of a High Church service merged with the down-to-earth sincerity and casualness of your typical evangelical worship service.

Pacific Northwest Region of the Ecumenical Catholic Community elects Altepeter as bishop

The Rev. Tom Altepeter of St. Clare Ecumenical Catholic Community, a church he once described as a "a homeless shelter for homeless Catholics," was selected as the first bishop-elect for the region on Sept. 28 and will be the sixth regional bishop in the ECC.

Rev. Thomas Altepeter

The Rev. Thomas Altepeter is an Ecumenical Catholic priest and pastor of St. Clare Ecumenical Catholic Community in Spokane.

A new way to be Catholic in Spokane, abroad

It’s hard to tell who’s the priest at St. Clare Ecumenical Catholic Community.

BRIEF: New ecumenical Catholic community moves to accommodate continued growth

St. Clare Ecumenical Catholic Community will now hold its weekly Sunday morning services at 3102 W. Ft. George Wright Drive. The Rev. Tom Altepeter said the move was made to accommodate continued growth.

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