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Tag: theology

Holding On In The Letting Go In A Pandemic: Dismantling the Lines

What shall we call such invisible states marking life’s transitional moments: dreamy to conscious, awake to asleep, Word to flesh, water to wine?

Scientists, theologians ponder if latest biological findings are more compatible with religion

Theologians in the decadeslong science and religion debate, which argues the two disciplines complement each other, have also become more pragmatic as their dialogue proceeds.

A Christmas Message: There is a Light

As we celebrate Christmas... I’m not convinced that theology is necessarily about searching

POEM: The Eternal Maranatha

Trinitarian theology can never be grasped we can only allow ourselves to be grasped by the Great Mystery

Living in the Post Theology Church

The megachurch church and church growth movement took the cross and the theological language out of the church and replaced the expository sermon with a self-help topical sermon, leading to a weakening of Christian theology

On Voting on Our Theology

What better way is there? Do we let a select and limited group of special interests decide?

When the Church Neglects Theology

When the church’s history of contemporary America is written, the question will be: Why has theology ceased to be a topic among the church community?

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