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Boys Are in Trouble — ‘Helping Boys Thrive Summit’ to be Held Saturday in Response

For every 100 girls, 614 boys and men are incarcerated in local jails, 441 boys and men aged 20 to 29 — and 293 aged 15 to 19 — die by suicide and 255 are classified as having an emotional disturbance in schools.

It’s OK To Talk About Mental Health, Ask For Help

Even with people in the public eye, most recently Meghan Markle, being more open about their mental health, there is still an insurmountable amount of shame, loneliness, and isolation surrounding it

Suicide Prevention and Religious Responsibility: Where Do Places of Worship Stand?

How can places of worship provide a welcoming space for those who are living in fear or are contemplating suicide?

We need to destigmatize mental health

Mental illness and suicide are still very stigmatized, most of the time no one wants to talk about it.

Ask An Evangelical: Assisted Suicide

As a Christian, I believe my living is supposed to serve Him and that pretty much rules out any ‘right’ I have to decide when or how I die.

Why predicting suicide is a difficult and complex challenge

As a scientist who has focused on this question for the past decade, I should have a pretty good idea of who is and isn’t going to die by suicide. But the sad truth is, I don’t.

How can people of faith help those suffering from depression, anxiety?

The recent suicide of WSU quarterback Tyler Hilinski hit me harder than most news stories. I don’t know the circumstances that led up to his death or the state of his mental health, but it made me reflect on the millions of Americans, especially those in my own millennial generation, who suffer from depression and anxiety.

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