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Come See FāVS Center — Spokane’s New Interfaith Community Center — At June 22 Open House

SpokaneFāVS invites you to an Open House on June 22 to come see and learn about FāVS Center, Spokane's new faith and non-faith community space.

My FAVorite Present—A Calling into Question

And here, I arrive at the the reason I support what Spokane FāV’s has accomplished, and is doing. On Jan. 6, the congregation, known as Origin Church—known formerly, as Covenant Christian, and previous to that, as Central Christian--votes to make a gift of its property to the imaginative and prophetic genius of a religion journalist, Tracy Simmons, and to the Board of Spokane FāV’s.

BREAKING: SpokaneFāVS, gifted building; plans to open local Interfaith Community Center

The SpokaneFāVS.com board of directors has decided to turn the building into an Interfaith Community Center. 

A community vigil, fighting Islamophobia and our “Ask” features were some of the top FāVS stories of 2018

FāVS writers published hundreds of columns and news articles in 2018. Below are the ones you clicked on and shared the most.

To celebrate our 6th year, FāVS seeks 10 more monthly donors

SpokaneFāVS is 6 years old this month and we're hoping to celebrate by getting 10 more monthly donors by the end of April.

Debbie Selzer: Why I support FāVS

The reason why Selzer gives time and money to the organization, she said, is because she has seen what it has accomplished and what it is looking to accomplish in the future.

SpokaneFāVS Welcomes Assistant Editor

Cate Wetherald, who most recently was the director of communications for the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, will now be a lead editor at FāVS.

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